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Another aspect of thyroid problems is that we are generally much too toxic.

Thyroid Sick?

Thyroid Sick? There can be plenty of reasons!

Diet and Hormones

Diet plays a large part (50%) in making the thyroid sick. Hypothyroids are unable to digest wheat and other grains effectively. There is often growth hormone and cortisol reduction. The wheat protein interferes with the thyroid protein. Wheat contains gluten one of the glue foods, inhibiting nutritional absorption. Always be food allergy and intolerance tested. Certain foods suit different blood groups. Eating incorrect foods can cause adrenal exhaustion. All hormones are made from cholesterol. Having good oils – essential fatty acids and protein is vital for good health.

Other things that make the Thyroid sick

In 50% of all cases the cause of low thyroid function is the diet. If a person does not eat the right food, on a regular basis this can cause the person to become extremely ill. Food is medicine. The cabbage family contains chemicals called pro-goitrins which means – causes goitres i.e. makes the thyroid swell and reduces function.

Starvation and excess of carbohydrates also affect thyroid function. Fats are needed – all cells contain them, hormones are made from them. Proteins are needed for normal cell production. The thyroid cell is made from 95% protein. Your hair is also 95% protein. Vegetarianism is one of the quickest routes to hypothyroidism.

Thyroid Sickness and The Atkins Diet

See The Atkins Diet, which has sold millions of copies. You should also eat for your right blood group. The body has two responses to food it either [a] makes enzymes to break it down or [b] makes histamine for an allergic/intolerant reaction. Most people with thyroid problems have their illness based in foods and parasites/molds/bacteria. The thyroid regulates parasites and the digestive system.

Another aspect of thyroid problems is that we are generally much too toxic. This toxicity comes from molds, fungus, bacteria, parasites, food additives and body products. One of the functions of the thyroid is to remove toxins from our bodies via our lymph glands, through breath, sweat, kidneys and bowels. If you have low thyroid then this process is also reduced. Problems in these areas can be an indicator of low thyroid/low adrenals:

  • Medicines can remain in our bodies unchanged.
  • Deodorant and other body products really make us more toxic than we know. The aluminium in deodorant affects the thyroid. If it goes onto us then it goes into us.
  • Hair dye is one of the MOST toxic things to the thyroid; via the lymph it drains directly down into it.
  • Take care with Aspirin and Warfarin, (this stops the binding of the protein and thyroid), and other over the counter medicines.

Many people have aspartame and conditioner toxicity of the pituitary gland; this in turn reduces TSH and other hormone functions.

Thyroid Sick? Supports a healthy thyroid for energy focus and clarityOnce the protocol is strictly adhered to, the healing rate is 95% successful. It does however take time and patience is needed. If you have been ill for a long time it may take up to 2 years to feel better. Some people do heal themselves at a quicker rate than others. Weight loss averages 10lbs – 1 stone in 6 weeks.

It is important to find out what is causing the person to be ill by non-intrusive stress testing; whatever is stressed will show up clearly. Poor food types for that person will also show. Top of the stress list are foods, parasites and teeth in any order. You may have a parasite living in your thyroid, or have heavy metals lodged there, such as mercury from fillings or fluoride from toothpaste and tap water.

Viruses can also live in the thyroid. A low calcium diet can be the cause. Root canals sitting on the thyroid meridian pathway may be another reason.

Many people show high levels of parasites in their gut (we all have them). These eventually get out of control. They leak through the intestine wall and get into the blood stream. Each cancer cell has a parasite living in it. Animals living in your home are a quick way to get these creatures. You should detox your animals in their food daily.

Grain mold is another food additive you really do not want to have as each time you eat grains, carbohydrates, yeast and sugar it multiplies, along with candida. Tuna parasites, turkey and beef bacteria and parasites are the most common. The rate that aspergillus (airborne mold), is growing is showing concern in alternative health circles. We can catch this from inhaling in any location. You really do not know what is going on in your body, and that is why having the Body-scan can put your mind at rest.

Do a detox twice or three times a year. This four-day detox needs to be repeated two weeks later to get rid of the eggs. Remember the thyroid controls these and the digestive system. Zapping is very successful in conjunction with the herbal detox. We all have parasites, viruses, bacteria (good and bad), and molds living in us.

Chemicals make your Thyroid sick

Over 100,000 different chemicals are introduced into our environment each year. They are used for many things such as in our food, to scent out rooms, body products, cleaning products etc. These chemicals interfere with our body’s own production and utilization of hormones. High chemicals users are more likely to get ill than those who use natural products. If you wouldn’t drink it then don’t use it.

Exceptions are 100% pure essential oils  – on the good side, and fizzy drinks on the bad side. The only cleaning products you need are vodka, natural lemon juice, vegetable oil, salt and bicarbonate of soda. Remember: If you put it onto your skin it goes into your bloodstream.

Thyroid Sick? Thyroid Support for young womenTea tree oil is an excellent deodorant. If you wash your hair in Dove sensitive soap it becomes wonderful after a couple of weeks. Fairy non-bio, using half the recommended amount is the best washing system for clothes.

Do not use conditioner, like aspartame it poisons the pituitary. These chemicals are not tested in any combination or under warm and heat conditions.

Any doctor may supply natural thyroid on a private prescription. (NOTE Thyroxine is NOT natural). Natural food state thyroid is not made in the UK any more since 1986, and is import only – and it is not in the NIMS. Take care, as it may be toxic to you – remember that low doses can make things worse, and the charge should realistically be no more than £25 for £90. Most people respond to bovine better.

Naturally if you have a pork allergy you may not test well for porcine thyroid, this includes Armour (porcine), which does not test as well as others. Remember that low doses can make you feel worse. The usual ratio is 4-5 tablets per day.

Thyroid needs adrenal hormones to metabolize correctly. Bovine thyroid is freeze-dried meat from free range US/NZ cows and contains all the thyroid hormones. Each tablet is the equivalent of 25mcgs of Thyroxine. Warning: this product cannot cure you but it may help with some of your signs and symptoms.

Also recommended is computerized health screening. Using hair sample analysis and DNA it is possible to check your thyroid and other hormones. It is painless, none intrusive and easy to do. Do you have food or other allergies or intolerances? They are not the same. What parts of you are most stressed? Do your teeth cause the problem? Dead teeth in the mouth, and root canal fillings can cause hypothyroidism, if they sit on that meridian. Remember the word disease comes from the body not being at ease.

Pets can also suffer from this illness and require T4 supplementation.

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